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Storm Clean-Up - Prairieville, LA

Storm Clean Up | Debris Removal | Prairieville Tree Service specializes in dangerous storm clean up in the Baton Rouge area. We are family and locally owned tree service company with long time experience and knowledge about removing dangerous trees laying on your house or yard. The gulf coast residents are no strangers to dangerous hurricanes. When you property is hit by unexpected winds and rain, some trees just can’t stand up to the punishment. That’s where we come in. We are professionally trained arborists, ready to take care of the most concerning and dangerous situations with ease. 

When trees have fallen and perhaps are leaning on another tree or worse on a structure, it presents an extremely dangerous situation. When the foundation is compromised on the leaning tree, it can spin on it’s way to the ground. These trees have been known to flip as well. When a 10,000 lb tree begins to spin, flip and twist the danger is incalculable. Tree care of this caliber requires a professional hand.


Man doing Storm Clean-Up in Prairieville, LA

Storm Clean-Up - Baton Rouge, LA

These situations are best left to professionals. There have been far too many casualties for inexperienced workers trying to remove dangerous trees.

Call us next time a tree is leaning on your property. We will take care of it for you!

There are many benefits to hiring a professional tree service.

Tree Service Prairieville has highly skilled emergency crew who is able to response to immediate storm and debris clean up.  

We can efficiently handle any kind of storm damage which was caused by:




Ice Storms



High Winds

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The aftermath of a storm can leave behind a chaotic landscape of fallen trees and debris, presenting homeowners and communities with the daunting task of cleanup. While many may be tempted to tackle the job themselves, enlisting the expertise of a professional tree service company can make all the difference. These specialists offer not only the necessary equipment but also valuable knowledge in safely removing trees while minimizing further property damage.

One key advantage of hiring a professional tree service is their meticulous attention to safety regulations and industry standards. Their experience in handling hazardous situations ensures that cleanup efforts proceed without endangering individuals or causing additional harm to nearby structures. Additionally, these experts understand the nuances of different tree species, enabling them to approach each removal with efficiency and precision – factors that can make or break a successful cleanup operation.

Moreover, engaging a professional team for storm cleanup provides an added layer of insurance protection and peace of mind for property owners. By entrusting this vital task to skilled professionals, individuals can focus on other post-storm priorities such as assessing structural damage or coordinating with insurance companies. Ultimately, harnessing the expertise of a reputable tree service company offers not just efficient tree removal but also overall support during what can be an overwhelming period following a destructive storm.

After a severe storm, the aftermath can wreak havoc on your trees and pose potential health risks. It’s imperative to prioritize prompt storm clean up for the preservation of your trees’ health. Debris and fallen branches can harbor bacteria, fungi, and pests that may infect your trees if not promptly removed. Additionally, damaged or leaning trees left unattended post-storm can pose safety hazards and further stress to the tree’s structure. Calling in a professional tree service company for thorough storm clean up ensures the proper removal of debris, evaluation of tree damage, and necessary tree care measures.

Neglecting post-storm clean up can lead to long-term detrimental effects on your trees’ health. The accumulation of debris around the base of trees impedes their access to essential nutrients from soil and sunlight, jeopardizing their growth and overall vitality. Furthermore, injured or partially damaged trees are susceptible to secondary infections that could impede their recovery process without proper care. Opting for professional intervention from a reliable tree service company not only ensures immediate restoration but also guarantees continuous monitoring for any underlying issues that could compromise your trees’ well-being in the future.

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