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Safe removal of an unsafe tree is a job that is best for a professional tree removal service, especially if the tree is large and close to a structure. Homeowners could try to move or transport a small tree on their own, but this should also be done with care to ensure no damage is done to the tree. Below you will see a tree removal process, be warned that but without the right equipment and knowledge, it could pose great risk to those involved. No matter who removes the tree, it’s important to be aware of the steps involved. This is why we recommend calling Prairieville Tree Service first!

What steps are Involved in Tree Removal you are settled that the tree must be removed—whether it’s dying, dead, diseased, or poses a risk to others—the following steps should be taken before, during, and after tree removal. Some of these steps are easy for a homeowner to take care of before a professional arrives to remove the tree.


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1. Clean up the area. There should be room around the tree for it to lay flat on the ground once it comes down. Estimate the height of the tree and clear everything you can from the area. This aids in the safety and protection of your property.

2. Examine the tree closely. Take note of which way the tree leans naturally—this could help determine the best direction it should fall. But also note, any areas of decay, which could cause the tree to collapse easily and not fall where intended.

3. Plan multiple escape routes. If the tree begins to fall out of control, you’ll want a clear path to run in the opposite direction. Plan to move in paths around the tree that are free of obstacles, and always be prepared for anything.

4. Gather the right equipment beforehand. Depending on the size of the tree, you may be able to cut it down with a handsaw. Larger trees with a trunk diameter of 12″ or more will require more power from a chainsaw. Do some tree trimming to make sure branches don’t hit your property.

Call a professional if you are at all unsure…5. The undercut. You’ve scoped out the area. You have planned the ideal direction you want the tree to fall. Begin on that side by making a cut in a V-shape at a 45-degree angle at the bottom of the tree. The depth of this undercut should be about a quarter of the tree’s diameter.

6. The backcut. On the opposite side of the tree begin a cut straight through about two inches above the undercut. This should release the stress on the tree trunk.

7. Move out of the way. Yelling “Timber” will alert others that the tree is about to fall.

What to do After a Tree has been felled…When the tree is on the ground, you can easily remove branches. This will make it easier to dispose of the tree. You’ll also want to cut the log into multiple pieces. You can split the truck into firewood for an outdoor pit. Small pieces also make hauling away a much simpler task as well. You can also have the tree stump ground.

For more information on tree removal, call Prairieville Tree Service today.

Why Care For Your Trees

Caring for our trees goes beyond just aesthetics; it’s also about preserving the environment and ensuring the safety of our communities. Professional tree service companies play a critical role in maintaining healthy trees, addressing diseases, and preventing potential hazards. By engaging with these experts, property owners can benefit from their extensive knowledge and specialized tools to ensure proper care of their trees.

Regular maintenance is key to promoting the longevity of trees and reducing the risk of damage during storms or strong winds. Professional tree service companies offer trimming and pruning services to maintain a tree’s structural integrity, increase sunlight exposure, and promote healthy growth. Additionally, they can provide valuable insights on proper watering techniques, soil health, and pest management to support overall tree wellness.

Furthermore, professional tree service companies are well-versed in identifying early signs of disease or infestation that may not be noticeable to untrained eyes. By addressing these issues promptly through proper treatment or removal when necessary, they contribute to overall environmental preservation while maintaining a safe landscape for everyone. Entrusting the care of our trees to these dedicated professionals ensures that we not only enhance the beauty of our surroundings but also uphold ecological balance for future generations.

Tree Care Prairieville, LA

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